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Glory by Barbara J. Yoder

Evangelical leaders historically have accepted the difficult challenge of teaching us about our deeper identity in Christ. This is a dramatically different side of us than the identities we have otherwise grown to know and routinely display. For us it must start with intimately knowing the Word. Baptism in the Holy Spirit, opens a revelatory door of new understanding about the power and Glory the Word in our lives. Everything in our lives interferes with our ability to clearly discern the voice of God, so we must overcome those obstacles to move forward. If we really want to grow in God, such that our hearts are crying out for even more, there is a process of raising up, reaching out and actively encountering the Glory. The Glory is a broad spectrum of visible light and invisible enlightenment, both of which are necessary to see who our God really is. Seeing God through understanding is the first step toward seeing ourselves in God. Become who you were created to be, encounter the Glory today.