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RESET: A New Prophetic Movement

Bill Hamon, Louis Dickens, Benjamin Deitrick and Barbara Yoder

Jessica Thibodeau

We are in the midst of a global RESET. Everyone is experiencing it, although not everyone is aware of it. There are forces at work to reset things in their own design and it is very dark and evil. However, there is a fire bubbling under the surface of all the challenge and adversity we have found ourselves in that is setting hearts and lives ablaze everywhere it burns. We are on the verge of something fresh… it’s a global RESET moment for the Body of Christ and with it comes a fresh WIND. This wind is blowing in new life, breath and strength to the Body of Christ and igniting fires that have burned down low. It is igniting movement fires all over the world and carries the weight, glory and gravity of an all new prophetic thrust. Join with us as Bishop Bill Hamon, Apostle Barbara Yoder, Apostle Louis Dickens and others breathe fresh revelation, wisdom and insight onto the embers of your heart and mind through the power of Holy Spirit. Get ready to be carried away in this new movement as glory overwhelms you to strengthen you for the assignment and journey ahead.