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New Breed Arising


By: Chuck Pierce, Ryan LeStrange, Barbara J. Yoder, Dr. Bernardine Daniels, Benjamin Deitrick

It is time for a generational revolution. God is merging the generations like never before and calling us forth as an army with one voice and one heart. There is a New Breed arising in the earth!

God is faithful to visit every generation. He moves by his spirit in the midst of impossible odds and circumstances and shows each generation that he is who he says he is. We live in a time when we face many hardships, but even in the midst of the challenges we face, God will come. There will be rods of iron in each generation who will lay their lives down to create a bridge of righteousness for generations to come. That pathway will lead us into a new place where we have never been before. It will create a miracle highway, suspended high above the raging waters of the current of this world.