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Dreams and Visions


By: Barbie Breathitt

This past decade has been all about developing our spiritual sight in God. It has been a decade to SEE. This last decade on the Hebrew calendar has been 5770-5779 which ends in September with Rosh Hashanah and 2010-2019 in the Gregorian calendar which ends in December of this year. The "70" in this decade on the Hebrew calendar and why it has been so important to us is because it is the Hebrew letter, "ע" or "AYIN" transliterated. 

"AYIN" means "eye" and "to see" and by extension, to understand and obey. (See Jer. 5:21, Isa. 6:10 and Matt. 13:15) Ayin further represents the light of glory, which was in the very beginning in Genesis 1:3 which is greater than the light of the sun or the moon. 

So, this decade has been a decade to SEE CLEARLY in the light of God's glory. We have been developing our spiritual sight and ability to perceive God in order that we may obey him and press into all he has for us.

The next season we are moving into is all about being ANOINTED MOUTHPIECES AND MESSENGERS, who manifest and proclaim what we have seen! It's a season of HARVEST and MULTIPLICATION. 

We intentionally decided to host this gathering on dreams and visions with Barbie Breathitt because this decade, both on the Gregorian and Hebrew calendars is coming to a close and we want to finish the decade to SEE by fine tuning our spiritual discernment and understanding. 

We believe as we gather at this strategic TIME as well as around this strategic subject, revelation will flood us and catapult us into the next season. Join with us and let's finish our training from the last season and move with expectation and excitement into the new!