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Awakening Fire with Chuck Pierce


These are days of GOOD NEWS! The Lord is on the move. People are awakening to God’s heart for them in the earth! In the midst of conflict and challenge surrounding us, the Lord is igniting a fresh movement among us. It is His awakening fire which ultimately will launch an all new global harvest. 

Whenever the Lord visits a generation, the Church must first be revived, awakening their hearts to God’s reality, closeness, love. With hearts on fire, others around us “catch it”. It’s contagious. Once the Church is revived with awakening fire, it moves out to the cities, states and nations. Nations are awakened. Then transformation begins to shift entire people groups and nations back to godly beliefs and values. Governments, nations are transformed. Call it the overflow of God’s amazing mercy washing over individuals and then nations. It’s awakening fire!

Join us as we hear from Chuck Pierce, worship with Steve Swanson and hear what God is saying to His people. It will be a NOW word and SOUND for the NOW TIME that we are in! Join the emerging God movement, hearts on fire!


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