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Abortion: The Blood Cries Out


We are living in a critical moment in history.

We are in a critical season where we must understand and respond Biblically to one of the most important moral issues of our time: ABORTION. This heinous practice has resulted in the murder of over 60 million babies in the United States alone. Now we have come to a moment where there is a great clashing and contention in the spirit realm as well as the natural realm as this issue has come to the forefront on a national scale. We have strategic opportunities to save the lives of babies and protect them in other cases such as the heartbeat bill that is even now circulating through the courts and judicial branches of many states including our own of Michigan. However, a large percentage of people, in some case even Christians do not understand the urgency, importance or gravity of the sin of murder expressed in the practice of abortion. Some say it is the woman's choice, others that the "fetus" is just a clump of cells in a woman's body, nothing more. But what does God say and what is to be our response as Christians who are holding to biblical truths in an age of pluralism and moral compromise? 

In this series you will be equipped with information and understanding to STAND and give a RESPONSE as a believer. Apostle Barbara Yoder, Pastor Benjamin Deitrick and Pastor Bernardine Daniels address the issue of abortion from three different perspectives: 

Apostle Barbara speaks to it from the stance of spiritual authority. What and whom we align with such as political parties and different organizations, determines what comes on us as a person, family and also nation. Aligning with death and unrighteousness distances us from the Presence of God and causes us to come under a curse as a people. 

Pastor Benjamin speaks to it from the stance of the occult origins of abortion. As the United States and the people in this nation have engaged in this practice and condoned it through our votes and tolerance, we have created an occult covering over this nation and given a legal right to the bloodshed we are seeing in shootings and other expressions of unrighteous bloodshed. 

Pastor Bernardine Daniels speaks to it from the stance of the powers and principalities in the heavenly places and how the darkness of the current time we live in is fueled and strengthened. 

We must break through in this time with a strong voice of moral clarity! Listen and be strengthened and encouraged to take your stand and align with God’s word on this issue! Time to rise up, speak up and be the VOICE FOR THE VOICELESS!